Starting a new project: TheQuestion

Hey all!methodology_diagram

Long time has passed since my last post. Maybe that’s because I have been very busy with school, work and a new project I will present now.

You will follow some moves that me and my team will make, from creating this new product up to deploying it and showing this to the world.

Nowadays I’m coursing in college a discipline about creating a startup using the Lean method, which has been very used last years and was detailed in the Eric Ries’ book, The Lean Startup.

Some strategies we’ll took are lean strategies, that will help us validating our hypotheses and take decisions that will cost less money and time.

For you that have an entrepreneur head, this article may be interesting. We will detail our journey to create a new product, test and validate it with customers, elaborate strategies and search the success at all.

Introducing TheQuestion

The project is called (by now) TheQuestion, which is a quizz game played by many people at the same time. The person pays to enter a tourney and then answer some questions and, if it has a good performance she will receive some money.

Our bigger hypothesis is that people would play quizz games for gaining some money. TheQuestion has a game mode to play without money too, just for fun. But we won’t focus on that in this blog.

We base our game in the PokerStars way of gaming. There are lots of kinds of tournaments, with different prices, capacities and themes. The person register in a tournament and when it reaches the capacity, the tournament starts!

Where do we are

By now, we already have implemented big part of the product. It’s a web application and the game dynamics are all implemented, resting just some bugs to (find and) fix.

Some adjacent functions are ready too, such as user preferences, passwords, privacy and history of games played. This adjacent stuff is not very important for our next step, because before of making big efforts we have to create something small with value, validate it and then improve it. We have to avoid expenses according to the Lean Method.

Next step

As a principle of the Lean Method, we will test it with some people. “GET OUT OF THE BUILDING”, they say. We will put some people to play the game, which is almost done and working the necessary. We will provide some “money” (maybe chocolates or candies, just to symbolize money) for the players, then we will see a dispute climate between them.

This kind of test is really helpful, because it gives us feedback about our product and, more important: it help us to validate if our hypothesis that people would play quizzes for money is correct and if we should persist or pivot in this idea/product.

I will write the results of this test and what decision we’ll take.

See ya!